An All Girl, Catholic, Independent School for Grades 7-12


Sisters of Notre Dame

The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur was founded in France by Julie Billiart in 1804. This was the beginning of a mighty global ministry of women educating young girls. 今天, 3,000 Sisters work on five continents. In 2015, the Sisters of Notre Dame celebrated 175 years of service in the United States, where they are recognized as outstanding educators. 今天, NDA students are connected with each other around the world and focus on social service and justice. St. Julie died on April 8, 1816 and was canonized on June 22, 1969.

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making known God’s goodness… educating for life.

任务 Statement

Sisters of Notre Dame,
women with hearts as wide as the world,
make known God’s goodness and love
with and among people living in poverty,
through a Gospel way of life, community and prayer.

Continuing a strong educational tradition,
we take our stand with people living in poverty,
especially women and children,
in the most abandoned places.

Each of us commits her one and only life
to work with others to create justice and peace for all.

Hallmarks are the essential characteristics, values and actions that differentiate a Notre Dame de Namur learning community. The Hallmarks emerged in response to the question: “What distinguishes a Notre Dame de Namur Learning Community?”

The Sisters and the learning communities began to explore this question in 2003 and seven Hallmarks were developed that concisely and beautifully express the values of a Notre Dame Learning Community. In 2024, Hallmark #3 was revised to add “care for all creation” as a response to Pope Francis’ Laudato Si’ encyclical.

  1. We proclaim by our lives even more than by our words that God is good.
  2. We honor the dignity and sacredness of each person.
  3. We educate for and act on behalf of justice, peace and care for all creation.
  4. We commit ourselves to community service.
  5. We embrace the gift of diversity.
  6. We create community among those with whom we work and with those we serve.
  7. We develop holistic learning communities that educate for life.