An All Girl, Catholic, Independent School for Grades 7-12


Board Committees

To continue to keep a visionary focus on the future, last year the Board of Trustees assembled the following Committees to work in conjunction with the Head of School and Leadership team to refine and formalize NDA’s Strategic Plan. 

Educational Programs Committee – Work with NDA Administration and Faculty, to oversee the development of a rigorous curriculum with high expectations for all students in accordance with the 任务 of the school and based on the life and teachings of St. Julie Billiart.  

市场营销 & Development Committee - Ensure sufficient funding to support the growth and expansion of the Academy and its long-term sustainability aligned with the strategic plan goals. Serve as an advisory committee to the marketing department to provide feedback with the objective of preserving the school’s brand, 任务, 和身份.

校园 & Facilities Committee - Assess the condition and capacity of the 校园 facilities and initiate planning to ensure the buildings and technology are fully aligned with and supportive of the Academy's programs and strategic plan goals.

金融 & Administration Committee – Evaluate the Academy’s financial status to ensure adequate funds are available for planned budget activities. Ensure legal and compliance requirements are met. Review investment objectives, 策略, and performance while monitoring execution against our established investment policy.

Governance Committee ——确定, 招募, 兽医, 提名, and evaluate Board members and chairmanship for all Board committees. Select, support, and evaluate the Head of School. Manage the long-range strategic plan with inputs from all other committees.  Develop and oversee policies that ensure the school is achieving its 任务 and using its resources efficiently.